How the City of Beaverton is supporting MWESB firms

Are you an MWESB firm wondering how to do business with the government?

Some cities are more welcoming than others. The City of Beaverton is one of the most welcoming, inclusive cities I have come across so far. How? Read on.

Recently I heard City of Beaverton Mayor Dennis Doyle speak at Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs. Mayor Doyle spoke eloquently about what the City of Beaverton is doing to support MWESB firms. Frankly, I was impressed. He spoke about a program called the CIP program, which stands for Cultural Inclusion Program.

What does it mean?

The CIP program seeks to address racial disparities by building strategic partnerships with diverse communities to support greater engagement in city policy, leadership, and initiatives.

CIP also drives internal racial equity work to ensure the city becomes a more welcoming, representative and responsive space for all communities to engage.

CIP Primary Goals

  • Incorporate equity & inclusion into the culture and key priorities of city government
  • Build relationships with organizations and individuals addressing racial disparities and equity in Beaverton
  • Lead internal racial equity initiatives to create institutional change in city government
  • Foster a sense of welcome, inclusivity and agency for people of color in city government
  • Act as a liaison for individuals who face cultural or linguistic barriers to interfacing with city government

Are you a minority owned small business?

Do you live within Beaverton City Limits?

If so, you might like this next program.

The City of Beaverton has another program called BOLD, which stands for Beaverton Organizing Leadership and Development. What does it do?

The BOLD program is a leadership development and civic engagement training for emerging immigrant and refugee leaders and leaders of color in Beaverton. The program is a partnership between the City of Beaverton and the Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) and is a key strategy of the Cultural Inclusion program to boost engagement of underrepresented communities in city governance. Note: applicants must live within the Beaverton city limits. Download the program flyer in English or Español!    

If you don’t live in Beaverton but do want to do business with the City of Beaverton, and you want to learn more about the Cultural Inclusion program, contact:

Alexis D.R. Ball
Equity Outreach Coordinator
Mayor’s Office
12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005
Ph: 503-526-2503 or