A big welcome to the City of Portland Oregon!

We are so pleased to welcome to the City of Portland Oregon for being the fourth subscriber to PDXProcurementSearch!

The City of Portland is committed to giving business to small, emerging, minority owned and woman owned businesses. Their social equity contracting page shares more about their values and how they work to support MWESB businesses.

Here’s a place to start if you want to start to do business with the City of Portland.

If you’re a small business and you want to get started with doing business with the City of Portland, you might want to see what the dollar thresholds are. One way to get your foot in the door is to go under the first dollar threshold for a small project.

Here’s a list of dollar thresholds for the City of Portland for any kind of business. 

City of Portland Procurement City of POrtland Procuremnet

Under $5,000: As of this writing, for any contract below $5,000, the City does not have to get other quotes. Your point of contact at the city can request an oral bid, and award the contract.

Between $5,000-$100,000: For public improvements and professional services, these are known as intermediate solicitation process, which will require at least 3 bids before the contract can be approved.

For $100,000 and up: For public improvements and professional services, the bid must go through a formal solicitation process, which includes being listed on the City of Portland website.

This partnership would not have been possible without the help of Tiffani Penson and Christine Moody. We want to personally thank and commend these two stellar procurement leaders.

tiffani-penson City of Portland
Tiffani Penson, Program Coordinator-Minority Evaluator Program

Tiffani Penson is the Program Coordinator – Minority Evaluator Program. Ms. Penson recently won the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs’ Chairman’s Award in 2015.  What is the Minority Evaluator Program?

If you are a small business, woman owned or minority owned business, this is a chance for you to sit at the table and evaluate different bids for opportunities.  

This will allow you to see what a winning bid looks like, and help you make your own bids and proposals more competitive. Here’s a link to sign up for the Minority Evaluator Program.

Why would you want to do this?

It does not get you preferential treatment. But it does allow you to become familiar with what bids get approved, which allows you to become more competitive as you continue to bid on open opportunities with the City of Portland.

If you have any questions about MWESB contracting or their Minority Evaluator program, contact her.

Christine Moody Chief Procurement Officer City of Portland
Christine Moody, Chief Procurement Officer, City of Portland

Christine Moody is the Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Portland and has over 19 years of government purchasing and contracting experience.  In her current position, Christine is responsible for managing, directing and integrating procurement and contractor development programs at the City.  She also represents the City in a variety of multi-jurisdictional forums, outreach functions and professional groups and organizations.  Christine has her CPPB and CPPO certification and sits on various regional and national committees related to public contracting. Her department recently received the Achievement and Excellence in Procurement Award from the National Procurement Institute.

If you are a small business and have seen a contract on PDXProcurementSearch that you want to apply for, to contact any member of her team just go here to find the appropriate person.

The City of Portland joins the City of Beaverton in subscribing to PDXProcurementSearch. Thank you!