Welcome Chemeketa Community College!

chemeketa-sizedWelcome to Chemeketa Community College!

We really appreciate Kevin Walther’s hard work to help more small/COBID-certified firms find and apply for Chemeketa Community College’s procurement listings.

Chemeketa CC is Oregon’s third-largest community college, with over 16,000 students enrolled part-time and full-time.  Their main campus is in Salem, and they have a satellite campus in McMinnville and facilities in Dallas, Brooks, and Woodburn, as well as the Northwest Wine Studies Center in Eola, Oregon.

Here’s where you can learn more about Chemeketa CC procurement:


You might ask yourself, what does Chemeketa Community College want to buy from the small business community?  The answer:

Everything.  Chemeketa CC has facilities to maintain as well as all of the goods and services their student population, teaching staff and support staff rely on to do their jobs.  As an example, they recently listed a procurement opportunity for a security system on their construction bids page.

So now, how do you find their listings from now on?  Easy!  Just visit http://OregonProcurementSearch.com.

If you want push notifications on your phone whenever Chemeketa posts a new opportunity, you can follow their procurement needs with the Chemeketa RSS url:  http://oregonprocurementsearch.com/rss/source=12

So again, a great big welcome to Chemeketa CC for joining OregonProcurementSearch.com and working to help small and COBID-certified firms do more business in Oregon.