Welcome to the Oregon Department of Corrections!

Resized Oregon-Department-of-Corrections-logoWhen most people think of the department of corrections, the thing that comes to mind is…prisons. What most people don’t realize is that the Department of Corrections is also one of the largest state agencies, and one of the largest buyers from the business community.

And they buy everything.

Up to now, the Oregon Department of Corrections has been using ORPIN to post their public procurement notices, but all that’s changing now.  Why?

Because the Oregon Department of Corrections is now a member of OregonProcurementSearch.com!  (And, of course, our Portland-area site, PDXProcurementSearch.com!)  You don’t need to watch ORPIN for their new procurement notices anymore.  They’re all right here.

With facilities in every corner of the state, the Oregon Department of Corrections has a huge footprint for procurement of construction, goods, services, and something most other agencies don’t buy much of: food.

Are you a food supplier–a grower or a vendor?  You need to check out the open procurements that the Department of Corrections has right now.  There’s a chance they want exactly what you’re selling.  Click here to see a search for open food procurements.

Not a food supplier?  You can use this link to see all their open procurement opportunities at a glance:  http://oregonprocurementsearch.com/search/?source=11

But that’s not all!

The other neat thing I wanted to tell you about, about the Oregon Department of Corrections, is that they’re on Twitter, too!

Follow https://twitter.com/ODOCProcurement and you can see all of the latest procurement opportunities as soon as they list them, all in your Twitter feed.

If you want more information…

Please see the Oregon Department of Corrections Purchasing and Contracts page here:


I’m so excited to have the Oregon Department of Corrections as a member of the OregonProcurementSearch.com.  Whatever business you’re in, they’d love to hear from you and do business with you.