ANNOUNCING: Sound Transit Becomes Customer of Procurement Search

Cloud-based platform streamlines discovery of solicitations and contracting opportunities for vendors and small businesses, boosts competitive bidding and maximizes taxpayer dollar spend

SEATTLE, Wash. – June 14, 2018 – Procurement Search, the leading procurement and solicitation search engine, today announced that Sound Transit, the public transit agency serving the Seattle metropolitan area, has gone live, listing for the first time their solicitations on the Procurement Search platform ( Sound Transit has selected Procurement Search to help support their contractor and vendor outreach and to improve the competitiveness of their bids and the value they bring to taxpayers.

The implementation by Sound Transit demonstrates Procurement Search’s ability to provide robust, simple, and effective solutions for vendor outreach across a variety of sectors, including construction, architecture and engineering, professional services, and goods. With this implementation, Procurement Search and Sound Transit are poised to open up contracting opportunities to a much wider and more diverse vendor pool, improving use of taxpayer dollars and increasing contracting among firms that better reflect the demographics of the Seattle-area business community.

By partnering with Procurement Search, Sound Transit is sending a message to the Seattle-area small business community that they are ready to work with new firms, that they are open for business,” said Steve Havelka, Chief Executive Officer at Procurement Search.

Featuring a robust search technology platform and modern, mobile-friendly user interface, Procurement Search removes technological barriers to access and opens up contracting to more businesses, especially those from historically underutilized communities. Procurement Search is active in several metropolitan areas across the Pacific Northwest and in the Mid-Atlantic region, with plans for nationwide expansion actively underway.

Free Webinar: Social Media Deep Dive for Your Procurement Office

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Vendors throughout your region are using social media to talk with their customers, build their businesses, and look for new opportunities.  Social media is a powerful way to get your bids and opportunities in front of a wider audience, too.

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Procurement Search How-To Flyer for Vendors and Small Businesses

Dear Agency Members,

Now that you’re a part of Procurement Search, we’d like to make sure you have resources to share with your current and prospective vendors, attendees at trade shows, or anyone who might be interested in doing business with you.

This one-page flyer has been popular at trade shows — it’s a handy one-page resource that you can print out and distribute, with simple instructions for your potential vendors to follow.

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Procurement Search How-To Flyer for Vendors


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