ANNOUNCING: Seminole State College Now Partnering with Procurement Search

Businesses of all sizes can experience the benefits of Procurement Search, now partnering with Seminole State College

Sanford, Fl., August 10, 2018 – Procurement Search, the first procurement and contracting search platform to provide vendors a one-stop resource, today announced a partnership with Seminole State College of Sanford, Fl., to provide vendors instant access to their solicitations via the Procurement Search platform ( The new offering supports Seminole State College’s efforts to improve their engagement with the local vendor community.

Procurement Search is committed to democratizing government contracting. The disparity between the business community and the demographic of awarded contracts is something we can address,” said Steve Havelka, founder and CEO of Procurement Search. “By partnering with Seminole State College, we are helping them work with a wider, more competitive vendor community, and we are bringing their solicitation opportunities to businesses that would otherwise miss out on the chance to work with this vibrant organization.”

For most companies, prospecting for government contracts is not their priority. In most cases they have tried, and become overwhelmed at the myriad solicitation platforms in their local region, and left contracting opportunities on the table to those few firms that can navigate the systems. Government agencies are then left to work with those firms with familiarity with their systems–which aren’t necessarily the firms that can provide competitive bids and best value on their contracting needs.

Seminole State College’s partnership with Procurement Search will help them align with the business community, through robust, simple, and effective solicitation outreach, across all sectors, provided by Procurement Search. Bridging the technological divide between buyers and their local business community begins today.

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