ANNOUNCING: Meet & Certify Beaverton, the first one of 2018!

Hello, small business owners!

If you’ve been wondering about working with your local government agencies, but weren’t sure how to get started, then read on.  And if you’ve been wondering about getting your business COBID-certified, you won’t want to miss this!  We’re having the first Meet & Certify event of 2018, out in Beaverton!

What’s Meet & Certify?

Simply put, it’s an event where you can talk to government buyers and agency representatives from a wide variety of local and regional government agencies, nonprofits, and small business support groups (like me!).

We’ll have representatives from Metro, the City of Beaverton, ODOT, ORPIN, Business Oregon, Adalante Mujeres, the SBA, and more.  If you have questions or concerns about working with any of them, or what resources they can offer your business, well, now you can just ask.

Meet & Certify events are a great place to start building relationships, start getting your business COBID-certified, and meet the people you need to thrive.

I’m in!  Where and when is it?

This first Meet & Certify event is going to be on January 30th, from 3pm to 5pm.

It’s going to be held at BestHQ:  12745 SW Beaverton Rd, Beaverton OR 97005.

Be sure to register online:


If you have more questions, email

Hope to see you there!


Founder & CEO, Procurement Search LLC

And, the flyer:

Meet & Certify Event Flyer
Meet & Certify Event Flyer

Meet & Certify Event Flyer in Spanish
Meet & Certify Event Flyer in Spanish


Welcome to Portland Public Schools! is pleased and proud to announce that Portland Public Schools has joined as our latest member agency!

Thank you so much, Portland Public Schools, for helping small businesses find and bid on your contracts!

On July 16, 2012 the PPS Board of Education adopted the Equity in Public Purchasing and Contracting (EPPC) Policy.

The EPPC Policy has three primary goals:

  • Provide greater professional, supplier, construction, and personal service opportunities to minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and emerging small businesses.
  • Increase the numbers of women and minorities in the construction trades through apprenticeship opportunities on District construction contracts.
  • Leverage our public contracting activity to expand the number of young people of color and young women participating in a wide variety of career learning programs.

The EPPC policy is adopted as part of the District’s larger Racial Education Equity Policy.  You can read more about the PPS EPPC here:

And, as part of their efforts, PPS has now joined with!  I’m so excited they’re a part of our family.  You can now find every new PPS contract and RFP on

PPS Purchasing & Contracting is now on social media, too!

Use the Twitter?  Then you’ll want to follow PPS Purchasing & Contracting on Twitter!  You can find them at @PPS_Purchasing.

And if you’d just like to browse all of the current contracts with PPS, just use this link:

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the PPS EPPC policy, please call Aidan Gronauer, the Equity in Public Purchasing & Contracting Manager:  503.916.3113

Once again, welcome aboard PPS!

10/20: Go find out how to get a contract with Legacy

happy-girl-jumpAre you a small business?

Want to become a Legacy Supplier?

Check out the Legacy Diversity Supplier event!

Thursday October 20th, 2016

At 5:30-7:30PM

Suite 1075-1077 at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, 2801 N. Gantenbein Avenue, {97227

Refreshments will be served.

Before you attend, you MUST register. Go to to register now.

You’ll need your business license, insurance and state diversity certification.


Questions? Contact:
Pamela Weatherspoon, MBA | Diversity & Community Engagement Program Manager | Legacy Health  | | phone (503) 415-5421|

The City of Beaverton is Open For Business!

City of Beaverton Night Market
Here’s the City of Beaverton’s Night Market

Are you looking for government contracting work?

Check out the City of Beaverton! We have just done their social media integration, and you can now find their opportunities on Twitter. Follow @cityofbeaverton to get up to the minute notices about their open procurement opportunities.

Are you on Twitter? Follow @cityofbeaverton

A representative from the City of Beaverton says,

“We are big on MWESB contracting, and we want to make sure that everyone in the state knows that Beaverton is Open for Business!”

For more information visit:

Thank you to Port of Portland and Business Diversity Institute!

Port of Portland
Thank you Port of Portland!


On October 28th, 2015, Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips of the Port of Portland asked our founder, Steve Havelka, to speak about and at the BDI Breakthrough Breakfast. BDI stands for Business Diversity Institute.

Thank you so much Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips, and thank you so much Port of Portland for this wonderful opportunity! We had a small but lively group with good questions, and we’d like to thank everyone for coming out!

If you’d like a great new networking opportunity, a place to meet other entrepreneurs and project managers from a lot of regional government agencies, you need to check out the Business Diversity Institute at

If you’re a small, minority owned or woman owned business and you’d like to do business with the Port of Portland, here’s who you should contact.


Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips, Small Business Development Program Manager | Port of Portland

Mrs. Mitchell-Phillips is the Small Business Development Program Manager at the Port of Portland. In this capacity she manages the Port’s small business development and utilization programs including the Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) program, Airport Concessions DBE program, Mentor-Protégé program, Minority, Women & Emerging Small Business (MWESB) program and Workforce Diversity and Utilization program.
Prior to joining the Port of Portland she worked as Deputy Director, Economic & Business Equity for Governor John Kitzhaber where she worked on policy with 71 state agencies to include MWESB firms in state contracting opportunities. She currently serves on several community and advisory committees related to small businesses and is committed to helping make Oregon a better place for all. Mrs. Mitchell-Phillips is a native Oregonian and is married with three children; she is especially proud that her two sons are serving their country in the US Navy.

How the City of Beaverton is supporting MWESB firms

Are you an MWESB firm wondering how to do business with the government?

Some cities are more welcoming than others. The City of Beaverton is one of the most welcoming, inclusive cities I have come across so far. How? Read on.

Recently I heard City of Beaverton Mayor Dennis Doyle speak at Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs. Mayor Doyle spoke eloquently about what the City of Beaverton is doing to support MWESB firms. Frankly, I was impressed. He spoke about a program called the CIP program, which stands for Cultural Inclusion Program.

What does it mean?

The CIP program seeks to address racial disparities by building strategic partnerships with diverse communities to support greater engagement in city policy, leadership, and initiatives.

CIP also drives internal racial equity work to ensure the city becomes a more welcoming, representative and responsive space for all communities to engage.

CIP Primary Goals

  • Incorporate equity & inclusion into the culture and key priorities of city government
  • Build relationships with organizations and individuals addressing racial disparities and equity in Beaverton
  • Lead internal racial equity initiatives to create institutional change in city government
  • Foster a sense of welcome, inclusivity and agency for people of color in city government
  • Act as a liaison for individuals who face cultural or linguistic barriers to interfacing with city government

Are you a minority owned small business?

Do you live within Beaverton City Limits?

If so, you might like this next program.

The City of Beaverton has another program called BOLD, which stands for Beaverton Organizing Leadership and Development. What does it do?

The BOLD program is a leadership development and civic engagement training for emerging immigrant and refugee leaders and leaders of color in Beaverton. The program is a partnership between the City of Beaverton and the Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) and is a key strategy of the Cultural Inclusion program to boost engagement of underrepresented communities in city governance. Note: applicants must live within the Beaverton city limits. Download the program flyer in English or Español!    

If you don’t live in Beaverton but do want to do business with the City of Beaverton, and you want to learn more about the Cultural Inclusion program, contact:

Alexis D.R. Ball
Equity Outreach Coordinator
Mayor’s Office
12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005
Ph: 503-526-2503 or


I talked with a new business owner, and she said…

She was really frustrated!

Why was she so frustrated?

Her business is as a professional mediator and policy writer for agencies. She has already gotten a government contract, and she spent some time working inside of government, so she feels pretty savvy with paperwork and government processes.

She registered her LLC, and then she registered in ORPIN. So far, so good, right?

The trouble is, she keeps getting email notices about cement. And mustard. And pothole repair. None of these things related to her. How does this make her feel?


She has to go and look at all of these emails to see if she could possibly use these opportunities. Nearly every time, the answer is no.

Now she’s just sending emails from ORPIN into her junk folder.

She’s despairing of ever getting a government contract.

It’s really sad when people use systems that are just not serving them.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

When I talked with her, I told her that she is the reason why I made Oregon Procurement Search. I made it for small businesses just like her.

She didn’t know she had options other than ORPIN. I told her that my goal with Oregon Procurement Search was to get each procurement opportunity in Oregon in one place. 

If you have any questions about how to use this site, or how to make it better, please ping me on twitter @stevehavelka, or email our team at info @oregonprocurementsearch .com.