Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a login for ProcurementSearch.com?

No, you don’t need to make a login to use our search engine.  We don’t make you set up a profile or password.  Just head to our search page and start looking for contracts.

Does this website cost anything to use?

No, ProcurementSearch.com is completely free for you.  We believe that small businesses already have a hard time getting contracts with government agencies.  We want to make it easier for you.  Keeping this service free of charge is the best way we can keep making it easy for you.

Is this like ORPIN?  How is this different from ORPIN?

Good question!  ORPIN and ProcurementSearch.com work together.  When you’re going for government contracts, you’re going to end up using both systems.

ORPIN (the Oregon Procurement Information Network) is the state-run procurement system.  It’s the authoritative source for contracting and bid notices for the state, so every state agency is going to use ORPIN to post their notices.  It’s also hard to use.  The search function doesn’t search within bid documents, so you could be missing out on subcontracted work opportunities described in the bid documents.  It doesn’t work well on your phone.  BUT, if you’re going to bid on work that’s listed on ORPIN, you’re still going to use it to express interest and submit your bid packet.

ProcurementSearch.com makes it fast and easy to find the opportunities that the agencies originally posted on ORPIN.  With our powerful search function, you can search for keywords within all of the bid documents, as well as the title and description of the RFP.  You can save your search to make it easy to get notified when new contracts show up.  Every contract you find will show you how to get on the bidder list on ORPIN, so it’s easy to get from ProcurementSearch.com to ORPIN when you’ve found your contract.

Do you need my COBID certification number?

No, we don’t track you or keep any personal information on you.

Can you send me emails with new contracts, instead of coming here for searches?

Yes, absolutely.  You can receive email digests of any search, using a service called Blogtrottr.  When you run a search, look at the top of the page for the RSS links.  You can either save your search using your RSS reader, or you can use the Blogtrottr link to have that search emailed to you.

When you sign up with Blogtrottr, they’ll send you a confirmation email first.  Be sure to confirm your email address, and then you’ll start getting an email whenever new contracts are published that match your search.

What is the problem are we trying to solve?

Problem: Small businesses are not applying for government contracts enough. 

Why not?

Here’s why.  Small businesses sign up for government contracting notices but then their inboxes get flooded with email notices. They stop paying attention. They delete the emails, unread, unsubscribe and give up on contracting.

ORPIN Search

Solution: Procurement Search’s RSS feed scans all government contract text on multiple government websites, and allows small businesses to get notices on their phones or desktop about relevant government contracts.

Solution: We’ve created a targeted RSS feed for government contracting opportunities, and a clear set of directions to teach business owners how to use RSS.

This will empower small business owners to get proactive about government contracting.


Why will it empower business owners?
Odds are, Oregon small business owners have smartphones.  In 2012, the U.S. saw a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions to make for 98 million smartphone subscribers,  representing nearly 42% of all U.S. mobile users. (according to Comscore)


Smartphone users are often never more than 4 feet from their mobile devices.  Small business owners are busy people. They cannot be checking the 50+ government websites all the time. But they can get notifications on their phone or on Twitter about targeted opportunities for them.


RSS feeds are an open standard, not a proprietary solution, so small business owners aren’t locked into one company’s software for contracting opportunity notifications.


Why does an RSS for government contracting work?:  Instead of struggling to understand the opaque government websites around the state, and receiving overwhelming amounts of email, small businesses can check their RSS feed or Twitter that is saved on their phone or computer with their exact search criteria.


new ORPIN Search RSS

Why now?

Oregon needs jobs. Oregon small businesses are the job creators. but they have to run their businesses. They can’t be looking at the 50+ Oregon municipalities websites or email all the time. RSS feeds will allow businesses to find more contracts to apply for, and become more successful.

Bottom Line: The current system is full of roadblocks to the small business owner. Let’s smooth the way.