I talked with a new business owner, and she said…

She was really frustrated!

Why was she so frustrated?

Her business is as a professional mediator and policy writer for agencies. She has already gotten a government contract, and she spent some time working inside of government, so she feels pretty savvy with paperwork and government processes.

She registered her LLC, and then she registered in ORPIN. So far, so good, right?

The trouble is, she keeps getting email notices about cement. And mustard. And pothole repair. None of these things related to her. How does this make her feel?


She has to go and look at all of these emails to see if she could possibly use these opportunities. Nearly every time, the answer is no.

Now she’s just sending emails from ORPIN into her junk folder.

She’s despairing of ever getting a government contract.

It’s really sad when people use systems that are just not serving them.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

When I talked with her, I told her that she is the reason why I made Oregon Procurement Search. I made it for small businesses just like her.

She didn’t know she had options other than ORPIN. I told her that my goal with Oregon Procurement Search was to get each procurement opportunity in Oregon in one place. 

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