Welcome and Thank You Multnomah County!

PDXProcurementSearch is pleased to announce that Multnomah County is our next customer! Thank you so much Multnomah County for helping more small businesses find and bid on your contracts!

Multnomah County Logo

How do you get a contract with Multnomah County?

For Formal ITBs,  RFPs, RFQs (above $150,000);

Step 1. Search for bids and proposals on our website, http://multco.us/purchasing or www.pdxprocurementsearch.com
Step 2. Register for notifications about an opportunity.
Step 3. Review requirements and instructions.
Step 4. Submit your bid or proposal on time.

For Intermediate Procurements ($10,000-$150,000);
Step 1. Be registered as a state certified firm, if applicable.
Step 2. Respond to quote requests from County.

For Small Procurements (Below $10,000);
Step 1. Be registered as a state certified firm, if applicable.
Step 2. Respond to quote requests from County.

The good news is, if you go below the purchasing threshold, you have very simple steps to succeed.

What firms should go for contracts with Multnomah County?

Multnomah County buys EVERYTHING, including:

  • Alcohol and Drug treatment
  • Medication for Health Clinics
  • Books and Periodicals for Libraries
  • Trainers, Facilitators and Consultants
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Veterinary services
  • Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists and Therapists
  • Homeless, Domestic Violence and Youth Advocacy
  • Pest Control
  • Roads and Bridges
Thank you Lee Fleming
Thank you Lee Fleming of Multnomah County

We would like to especially thank Lee Fleming, Supplier Diversity Officer for Multnomah County, for shepherding this process through and supporting an emerging small business. His efforts will help more minority owned, women owned, veteran owned and emerging small businesses succeed in finding government contract opportunities in a one-stop place.

Lee Fleming is a sterling example of procurement professionalism and he truly wants to help small businesses succeed.

You can read more about Multnomah County Purchasing at www.multcopurch.org

If you would like to contact the County, here are some ways to get in touch with them.

Main Purchasing Phone:   503-988-5111
Supplier Diversity Officer: 503-988-7540
Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator:503-988-7995
MWESB Program Specialist: 503-988-7551
Cooperative Contracts & QRF Specialist: 503-988-8376

Hours: 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. M-F

501 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Ste 125 Portland, OR 97214

Here are 14 tips to help you do business with Multnomah County:

1. Check the website on Fridays. They post new bid and proposal opportunities on Fridays.

2. If you are a minority owned, woman owned, service disabled veteran owned or emerging small business, you should get certified. Get information at the COBID website.

3. Read all of the specifications and instructions.

4. Register for specific solicitations that you may have an interest in responding to.

5. Attend any scheduled pre-bid/proposal meetings.

6. Check the website frequently for and acknowledge addenda.

7. Bid all lines as required.

8. Check your math.

9. Never copy paste from past bids/proposals.

10. Ask yourself how you can give taxpayers the best value and describe in your offer.

11. Do your homework- be familiar with our requirements and the population Multnomah County serves.

12. Make sure to answer all the questions and give specific details or examples.

13. Come in and look at the proposals from previous solicitations, especially the winning proposal.

14. Submit on time.


Welcome to the Oregon Department of Corrections!

Resized Oregon-Department-of-Corrections-logoWhen most people think of the department of corrections, the thing that comes to mind is…prisons. What most people don’t realize is that the Department of Corrections is also one of the largest state agencies, and one of the largest buyers from the business community.

And they buy everything.

Up to now, the Oregon Department of Corrections has been using ORPIN to post their public procurement notices, but all that’s changing now.  Why?

Because the Oregon Department of Corrections is now a member of OregonProcurementSearch.com!  (And, of course, our Portland-area site, PDXProcurementSearch.com!)  You don’t need to watch ORPIN for their new procurement notices anymore.  They’re all right here.

With facilities in every corner of the state, the Oregon Department of Corrections has a huge footprint for procurement of construction, goods, services, and something most other agencies don’t buy much of: food.

Are you a food supplier–a grower or a vendor?  You need to check out the open procurements that the Department of Corrections has right now.  There’s a chance they want exactly what you’re selling.  Click here to see a search for open food procurements.

Not a food supplier?  You can use this link to see all their open procurement opportunities at a glance:  http://oregonprocurementsearch.com/search/?source=11

But that’s not all!

The other neat thing I wanted to tell you about, about the Oregon Department of Corrections, is that they’re on Twitter, too!

Follow https://twitter.com/ODOCProcurement and you can see all of the latest procurement opportunities as soon as they list them, all in your Twitter feed.

If you want more information…

Please see the Oregon Department of Corrections Purchasing and Contracts page here:


I’m so excited to have the Oregon Department of Corrections as a member of the OregonProcurementSearch.com.  Whatever business you’re in, they’d love to hear from you and do business with you.

Welcome Port of Portland!

I’m so excited about this news:  the Port of Portland is now a member of PDXProcurementSearch.com!


Why is this such a big deal?  Because the Port of Portland is one of the major agencies in our region, and they don’t just put out construction procurement opportunities–though they have substantial construction needs.  They also buy goods and services, including IT services, professional development services, training, legal services, and more.

And the Port really wants to work with small, certified firms.  In their own words:

The Port is committed to increasing opportunities for Disadvantaged, Minority-owned, Women-owned and Emerging Small businesses to have an equal opportunity to compete for and perform Port of Portland contracts.

You can learn more about doing business with the port on their business opportunities page here:


But that’s not all.  The Port of Portland also runs a small business development program that includes mentorship, outreach, and very encouraging goals:

For fiscal year 2015-16, the Port’s overall small business participation target is 16% of contract  dollars awarded directly and as subcontracts; and 30% of participation of small businesses as a percent of the total number of contracts awarded directly and as subcontracts.

You can learn more about the Port of Portland Small Business Development Program here:


Now, how about their current procurement opportunities?  Well, you can find them all on PDXProcurementSearch.com.

And, if you want to keep track of new Port of Portland opportunities, follow their RSS feed here.

Again, thank you to the Port of Portland, for showing your commitment to helping small/COBID-certified firms in Portland succeed and thrive!

Welcome Chemeketa Community College!

chemeketa-sizedWelcome to Chemeketa Community College!

We really appreciate Kevin Walther’s hard work to help more small/COBID-certified firms find and apply for Chemeketa Community College’s procurement listings.

Chemeketa CC is Oregon’s third-largest community college, with over 16,000 students enrolled part-time and full-time.  Their main campus is in Salem, and they have a satellite campus in McMinnville and facilities in Dallas, Brooks, and Woodburn, as well as the Northwest Wine Studies Center in Eola, Oregon.

Here’s where you can learn more about Chemeketa CC procurement:


You might ask yourself, what does Chemeketa Community College want to buy from the small business community?  The answer:

Everything.  Chemeketa CC has facilities to maintain as well as all of the goods and services their student population, teaching staff and support staff rely on to do their jobs.  As an example, they recently listed a procurement opportunity for a security system on their construction bids page.

So now, how do you find their listings from now on?  Easy!  Just visit http://OregonProcurementSearch.com.

If you want push notifications on your phone whenever Chemeketa posts a new opportunity, you can follow their procurement needs with the Chemeketa RSS url:  http://oregonprocurementsearch.com/rss/source=12

So again, a great big welcome to Chemeketa CC for joining OregonProcurementSearch.com and working to help small and COBID-certified firms do more business in Oregon.


The City of Beaverton is Open For Business!

City of Beaverton Night Market
Here’s the City of Beaverton’s Night Market

Are you looking for government contracting work?

Check out the City of Beaverton! We have just done their social media integration, and you can now find their opportunities on Twitter. Follow @cityofbeaverton to get up to the minute notices about their open procurement opportunities.

Are you on Twitter? Follow @cityofbeaverton

A representative from the City of Beaverton says,

“We are big on MWESB contracting, and we want to make sure that everyone in the state knows that Beaverton is Open for Business!”

For more information visit:


Testimonial: City of Portland

Tiffani Penson, City of Portland

“Procurement Search helps us reach exactly the audience we need to get the results we want. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and we’re getting way more bang for our marketing buck.

We would wholeheartedly recommend ProcurementSearch to any agency that wants to get more competitive bids from local firms.”

– Tiffani Penson,
Minority Program Evaluator,
City of Portland

Click to see full letter.

City of Portland Logo
City of Portland: A Procurement Search Member Agency

A big welcome to the City of Portland Oregon!

We are so pleased to welcome to the City of Portland Oregon for being the fourth subscriber to PDXProcurementSearch!

The City of Portland is committed to giving business to small, emerging, minority owned and woman owned businesses. Their social equity contracting page shares more about their values and how they work to support MWESB businesses.

Here’s a place to start if you want to start to do business with the City of Portland.

If you’re a small business and you want to get started with doing business with the City of Portland, you might want to see what the dollar thresholds are. One way to get your foot in the door is to go under the first dollar threshold for a small project.

Here’s a list of dollar thresholds for the City of Portland for any kind of business. 

City of Portland Procurement City of POrtland Procuremnet

Under $5,000: As of this writing, for any contract below $5,000, the City does not have to get other quotes. Your point of contact at the city can request an oral bid, and award the contract.

Between $5,000-$100,000: For public improvements and professional services, these are known as intermediate solicitation process, which will require at least 3 bids before the contract can be approved.

For $100,000 and up: For public improvements and professional services, the bid must go through a formal solicitation process, which includes being listed on the City of Portland website.

This partnership would not have been possible without the help of Tiffani Penson and Christine Moody. We want to personally thank and commend these two stellar procurement leaders.

tiffani-penson City of Portland
Tiffani Penson, Program Coordinator-Minority Evaluator Program

Tiffani Penson is the Program Coordinator – Minority Evaluator Program. Ms. Penson recently won the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs’ Chairman’s Award in 2015.  What is the Minority Evaluator Program?

If you are a small business, woman owned or minority owned business, this is a chance for you to sit at the table and evaluate different bids for opportunities.  

This will allow you to see what a winning bid looks like, and help you make your own bids and proposals more competitive. Here’s a link to sign up for the Minority Evaluator Program.

Why would you want to do this?

It does not get you preferential treatment. But it does allow you to become familiar with what bids get approved, which allows you to become more competitive as you continue to bid on open opportunities with the City of Portland.

If you have any questions about MWESB contracting or their Minority Evaluator program, contact her.

Christine Moody Chief Procurement Officer City of Portland
Christine Moody, Chief Procurement Officer, City of Portland

Christine Moody is the Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Portland and has over 19 years of government purchasing and contracting experience.  In her current position, Christine is responsible for managing, directing and integrating procurement and contractor development programs at the City.  She also represents the City in a variety of multi-jurisdictional forums, outreach functions and professional groups and organizations.  Christine has her CPPB and CPPO certification and sits on various regional and national committees related to public contracting. Her department recently received the Achievement and Excellence in Procurement Award from the National Procurement Institute.

If you are a small business and have seen a contract on PDXProcurementSearch that you want to apply for, to contact any member of her team just go here to find the appropriate person.

The City of Portland joins the City of Beaverton in subscribing to PDXProcurementSearch. Thank you!


Thank you to Port of Portland and Business Diversity Institute!

Port of Portland
Thank you Port of Portland!


On October 28th, 2015, Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips of the Port of Portland asked our founder, Steve Havelka, to speak about PDXProcurementSearch.com and OregonProcurementSearch.com at the BDI Breakthrough Breakfast. BDI stands for Business Diversity Institute.

Thank you so much Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips, and thank you so much Port of Portland for this wonderful opportunity! We had a small but lively group with good questions, and we’d like to thank everyone for coming out!

If you’d like a great new networking opportunity, a place to meet other entrepreneurs and project managers from a lot of regional government agencies, you need to check out the Business Diversity Institute at http://bdiweb.org/.

If you’re a small, minority owned or woman owned business and you’d like to do business with the Port of Portland, here’s who you should contact.


Kimberly Mitchell-Phillips, Small Business Development Program Manager | Port of Portland

Mrs. Mitchell-Phillips is the Small Business Development Program Manager at the Port of Portland. In this capacity she manages the Port’s small business development and utilization programs including the Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) program, Airport Concessions DBE program, Mentor-Protégé program, Minority, Women & Emerging Small Business (MWESB) program and Workforce Diversity and Utilization program.
Prior to joining the Port of Portland she worked as Deputy Director, Economic & Business Equity for Governor John Kitzhaber where she worked on policy with 71 state agencies to include MWESB firms in state contracting opportunities. She currently serves on several community and advisory committees related to small businesses and is committed to helping make Oregon a better place for all. Mrs. Mitchell-Phillips is a native Oregonian and is married with three children; she is especially proud that her two sons are serving their country in the US Navy.

Check it out! We’ve been featured in the Portland Business Journal

Portland Development Comisssion
Jared Wiener’s column for the Portland Development Commission in the Portland Business Journal

Things are heating up for PDXProcurementSearch.com! The founder of PDXProcurementSearch, Steve Havelka, was interviewed by Jared Wiener of the Portland Development Commission, and featured in the Portland Business Journal on October 21st, 2015.

We are so grateful to Jared Wiener for this opportunity to get the word out to small businesses on how PDXProcurementSearch can help them find the most government contracting opportunities targeted to their business, in the shortest amount of time.

As PDXProcurementSearch grows, we’re learning new ways to talk about how it can help both Oregon small businesses and Oregon government agencies.

PDXProcurementSearch.com and ORProcurementSearch.com also benefit government agencies by making less outreach and marketing work for their procurement teams.

Now, instead of just one agency marketing its own opportunities, each agency that points to the site helps all of the other agencies as well.



What makes us different

To see a preview of the Portland Business Journal article, just read below.


Read the whole article at the Portland Business Journal here.

Thank you so much to Portland Development Commission for highlighting PDX Procurement Search.com!



A Big Welcome to The City of Beaverton!


City of Beaverton Oregon

We are so pleased to announce that The City of Beaverton Oregon is the third subscriber to PDXProcurementSearch.com!

Each time an agency joins PDXProcurementSearch.com and OregonProcurementSearch.com, the world of discovering government contracts gets just a little bit easier for the average small business. Why? 

Because instead of depending on separate marketing teams to get the word out about procurement opportunities individually, now all marketing teams at each agency can point small businesses to one place to get updates about any opportunity they have.

This reduces wasted time and effort on the part of the agency marketing teams, and on the part of the small business owner. It’s a win-win for everyone!


This wonderful partnership will help the City of Beaverton get more MWESB contracts by putting their contracting opportunities in front of people on Twitter, on PDXProcurementSearch.com and OregonProcurementSearch.com.  Follow PDXProcurement on Twitter and follow ORProcurement Search on Twitter.

We are so grateful to Mayor Danny Doyle, Purchasing Agent Terry Muralt, and the finance team at the City of Beaverton for investing in getting their bids in front of a more diverse group of suppliers.

Of course, just discovering the opportunity is the first step.

What can a small business do to get a contract once they’ve discovered an opportunity they’d like to bid on?

Next, you’ve got to see if you’re qualified to submit a bid.

How can you make your firm more competitive?

First of all, get Certified as an MWESB firm. That means Minority Owned, Woman Owned, Emerging Small Business. These are three separate certifications. You can find out more about how to apply for these certifications at Oregon4Biz.

After you are certified, check out Govology.com to find out how to break into the government marketplace.