Metro Regional Government

Welcome Metro Regional Government!

Exciting news!

As of this July 17th, Metro Regional Government will be coming on board to partner with, and we will start listing their procurement opportunities for MWESB firms.

If you’re a small business, you can now find Metro’s procurement opportunities on this site.

And if you’re a government agency, hey, we would love to partner with you too!

If you partner with PDXProcurementSearch to list your opportunities, you will be in good company. We are in partnership conversations with many of the major government agencies around Oregon, as well as some universities, to help small, emerging, woman-owned and minority owned businesses become aware of every possible opportunity to contract with you.

There are so many benefits to getting listed on PDXProcurementSearch.

  1. Your listings will automatically appear on Twitter
  2. Your listings will get indexed on Google
  3. Your listings will be scanned with our internal RSS feed reader so that qualified small businesses can get notified as soon as you list your RFP.

The bottom line is, getting listed on PDXProcurementSearch is the first step to getting more MWESB firms applying for your RFPs, and fulfilling your internal supplier diversity goals,

If you want to have your procurement listings on, then email to get started! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed.

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