We’re building a next-gen solicitation system to connect suppliers and buyers.

Let’s start at the start.  You’re probably here because you’re a buyer on the government side, or a you’re a vendor looking to work with your local government agencies.  Either way, you’re at the right place.

Government contracting.  This is where we’ll start.  And this is a tale of two groups of people who very much want to connect with one another.

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So you’re a government buyer…

As a government buyer, when it comes to finding suppliers, you’re looking out for bids and proposals from reliable, qualified firms.

(You might also have a buy-local preference, or aspirational targets for working with M/W/DBE-certified firms.)

You even host outreach events to connect with new suppliers in your business community, but you might find you’re just hearing from the same handful of firms that have historically won the bids.

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So you’re a supplier…

You’re a supplier, and you’re ready to work with your local government agencies.  You look up government contracting for your metropolitan area and find…

Well, you find out there isn’t any centralized database of solicitations and bid opportunities.

After putting together a spreadsheet of the 10 or 20 local agencies and their e-procurement sites, you realize the administrative overhead for navigating all these sites is going to take a huge chunk of time out of your work day.


Our stories come together here: for buyers and suppliers, there’s a disconnect.

There’s a disconnect between suppliers and buyers, and all of the different e-procurement systems in a given region are part of that problem.

For suppliers, navigating all of the different e-procurement systems and websites offered up by their local governments can be overwhelming.  A lot of suppliers give up in frustration before they even get started.

For buyers, reaching out to new suppliers in their business community with the tools they currently have (outreach events, maybe an occasional post on their agency’s social media channels) can be an impossible challenge.

Right now, the decentralized nature of local government contacting just maintains the status quo of frustrated suppliers and buyers.  The people winning the bids are the ones who’ve always won them.  We want to change that.

Our goal:  change the status quo, so more historically underutilized firms are winning bids and contracts.  No more disparity — we want the supplier community to reflect the business community, everywhere in the country.

Okay, but what is Procurement Search?

Procurement Search is a next-generation procurement platform.  But really, we’re also a thing that’s never existed before:  a procurement solution for the 21st century.  You can think of us kind of like Google, but just for government procurement.

We link together every separate e-procurement database in a metropolitan area,  every website, every solicitation listing, into one simple search tool.  And, wherever you are in the country, we give you a local microsite, combining all of the agency websites in the area into one local portal.

Suppliers now have one central resource they can rely on to find contracts quickly and easily, for all of their local agencies.  Buyers now know they’re working together with all of the other buyers in their region to make sure their solicitations reach a wider, more diverse audience.

Clustering:  There’s strength in working together.

Everywhere in the U.S., rural and urban, there are agency buyers and there are vendors.  (If you’re here, you’re probably either an agency buyer or a vendor.  If you’re neither, you’re still welcome!)  Right now, agencies usually compete with one another for the attention of their supplier community, whether it’s with outreach events, mailings, social media posts, or listings in the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Put another way, right now, agencies share goals in reaching out to the supplier community, but they don’t share resources.  Procurement Search changes that:  we create economic clusters of activity in every part of the country, rural and urban.

When agencies work together in an economic cluster, suddenly they find they can tap into a much wider, more diverse supplier community.

Oh, and we do all this without asking agencies to give up their current e-procurement systems.  That’s right — we integrate seamlessly with every e-procurement system, website, CMS, and online portal.  Whatever platform an agency is on, we’re ready to work with you.

Have 60 seconds?  Check out how easy this is.

Have 60 seconds? Watch below to see just how easy we make it to look for solicitations and bid opportunities.

Agency buyers, we’re putting your contracts and RFPs in front of more business owners, especially small and certified firm owners.

Want to know more?

We’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call at 425-681-9484 or send us an email at gthede@procurementsearch.com.