What is RSS?

What is RSS?

RSS FeedRSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It’s a way to save searches you do on websites, like ProcurementSearch.com, Craigslist, Google, and more.  It gives you instant notifications whenever you have new search results. You’ll see the RSS symbol on a lot of sites.  Whenever you see that, that means you can get an RSS feed from that site, and get notices when they update.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is the way you actually save the searches.  It’s a web URL that you add to your RSS reader.  Your RSS reader then watches the feed and notifies you when there are new results.  You can also save news websites, blogs, humor sites, whatever you like, as long as they have feeds. A feed can be delineated with a symbol like the one on the right. Sometimes it’s orange, and sometimes it’s not.

If you can’t find the feed link on the website itself, then you can search for the website name plus the word “RSS feed.”

How do you save an RSS feed for ProcurementSearch.com?  Here’s how.

First, you need an RSS reader.  You have options.  You can download RSS readers for your Android or iPhone, or you can use an RSS reader in your web browser.

I like NetVibes.com.  They’re easy to use, and they’re free.  I’ll use them as the example for the rest of this tutorial.  If you use a different RSS reader, the steps will be similar.

NetVibes.com – a free RSS reader


Before we go any further, go and set up a NetVibes.com account, if you need to.  If you already have an RSS reader, then just use that.

Ready?  Let’s go!

Step 1 – do your search

Go to the ProcurementSearch.com front page.  Type in your search. Don’t type in “engineering” and “architecture”. Put in one search term at a time. For example just type in “engineering” then press the Search button.

Now you’re on the search results page.

Search results for: engineering


Step 2 – Grab the RSS URL

RIght-click on the RSS search icon, it is in the little grey box highlighted here.  When you right-click on it, you’ll see an option, “Copy Link Address”.  Choose that.

RSS How to
Right-click and grab the RSS Url


Now you have the RSS URL for your search, and you can add it to your RSS reader for instant notifications.

Step 3 – Add the RSS URL to your RSS reader

We’re using NetVibes as our example RSS reader, so here’s how you do this with NetVibes.

Click the “Add” button in the upper left corner.

Click the “plus” icon under Reading App.

Paste in your RSS URL from ProcurementSearch.com and hit the “plus” icon.

Click on the little RSS icon that appears below.  This lets NetVibes confirm the RSS feed you’re adding.

Now, NetVibes shows you a preview of the RSS feed for your saved search.  Click “Add to dashboard”.

And you’re done!  You can repeat these steps for as many searches as you like.

Step 4 – All done!  Just check NetVibes for new contracts.

Check NetVibes as often as you like.  When any of your searches has a new contract, you’ll see it immediately in your NetVibes dashboard.

Do you still have questions? Just contact us. Our contact info is at the bottom of the website.